Maggie Bistro



Maggie Bistro


Alivea Co.




Maggie’s Bistro is a French-style bistro located in Jakarta, Indonesia that centres on home-cooked dining with the finest ingredients and curated menu offerings. They serve savoury French favourites like duck confit, steak tartare and beef bourguignon with an Indonesian flare by adding local ingredients such as chili padi to them.


The client requested a homey and inviting vibe for their full suite of branding that would attract customers to return to their restaurant over and over again. The project thus encompassed their new brand logo, name cards, stationery, menu, packaging, aprons and marketing materials customised just for them.


We chose a rustic red for their brand colour that would stand out and used this for all their marketing materials, packaging and even their aprons. The font we selected was an easy-to-read handwritten script that tied together the warm and cozy feeling that we were trying to evoke. 


This signature script was converted into a design pattern to be used for their paper packaging in red and white. It was also featured prominently on their menu. To add a little fun, we designed a menu with custom vegetable illustrations and a serif-style font for a more modern rustic look.


On the whole, the complete brand identity was connected through the use of similar style fonts, pleasing rustic brand colours and clean layouts. Maggie’s Bistro is now characterised as a great eatery where you can partake in delicious Franco-Indo fusion food along with hip, contemporary branding.